The Medical Assistance Program (MAP) is one of the few programs in the metropolitan Atlanta area that offers assistance to people who are unable to afford the high cost of diabetes health care. The goal of MAP is to provide people the opportunity to take better care of themselves by offering them the education and medical supplies they need to stay healthy.

Certain requirements must be met for a person to enroll in this program.

  • Clients must complete the Medical Assistance Program Application
  • Clients cannot receive third-party reimbursement or Medicaid
  • Clients must provide a copy of diabetes medication and supplies prescriptions. 

Once Approved:

The agency provides assistance on an emergency basis for one month and/or clients may qualify for up to three months of assistance on the MAP.

The Diabetes Association of Atlanta, Inc. receives referrals through collaboration with many groups, such as area county health departments, social workers, low-cost clinics, private physician practices, and United Way 211.

Complete the MAP application below and contact us at with any questions.