The Georgia Diabetes Symposium for Health Professionals provides an affordable opportunity for health professionals to earn multiple continuing education credits related to the AADE7 Self-care Behaviors of Diabetes Management. This program will also provide participants with the opportunity to learn about the latest research and innovation in diabetes management and patient care, applicable in both clinical and community realms. The self-care behaviors to be addressed during the symposium are: being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, healthy coping, and reducing risks. Led by outstanding experts in the field, there will be robust presentations and seminars, case discussions and in depth dialogue in each session that will provide healthcare professionals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of diabetes treatment and management. The Georgia Diabetes Symposium for Health Professionals (GDS) is designed for all health professionals serving the diabetes community including, but not limited to, registered dietitians (RD), registered nurses (RN), pharmacists (PHARMD), certified diabetes educators (CDE), certified health education specialists (CHES), and other community health workers.

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Symposium Resources and Forms

AADE Certificate

Bariatric Metabolic Surgery

Keynote: Diabetes & Exercise

More than Medical Treatment

Real-time Glucose Monitoring

NCHEC Certificate

Diabetes Prevention

Primary Care for Diabetes

Trends in Hearing Impairment

Dealing with Health Literacy