Sounds like you are doing a great job managing your diabetes. I would discuss your blood sugar monitoring plan with your doctor and certified diabetes educator. Monitoring blood sugar is an important view into how our body is doing with diabetes. It might be a good idea to check blood sugar at different times of the day, such as before breakfast one day, 2 hours after lunch another day, and before bedtime another day. Checking at different times will give you a more comprehensive look into what is going on inside your body at different times throughout the day. Checking blood sugar can help your doctor see if your present treatment program is working for you. Your doctor may use your blood sugar readings to make any changes in your treatment program. Talk to your doctor or diabetes educator about different times to test.
Yes, you still have diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease, meaning it is there for life. However, diabetes is very manageable and it can be very well controlled! YOU are in control of your diabetes.

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